May 2020 Empties

We might have a few days left of the month, but Im ready to post my empties for May.

It was a great month for finishing things up for me. Last month I was able to finish $101.54 worth of product!!

My skin is still incredibly dry, which allowed me to really enjoy using up the samples from my recent skincare project and I was able to finish up one of my perfume samples this month.

I also finished my first full size mascara for this year. I opened it back in January when I got it in my Allure beauty box. I had only used samples of the Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara prior and wanted to see if they were similar (many mascaras have an issue with this). The formula did seem similar to me.


Did you finish any products this month?

Spring into Summer Skincare Sample Project 10 Pan – Update 1

Last month I began this skincare project that ends June 21st. Its now May 21st so we are exactly halfway done!

Ive done really good with this project – finishing 8 items in this project, leaving me with these products left –


I am currently halfway finished the Luna oil that is on top. I dont want to rush it because I love this product so much! I also have just a few uses left of the Sunday Riley A+ serum.

Im not fond of the Bobbi Brown balm due to the scent but since we still arent going anywhere, Im the only one who is smelling it! I guess you could say its a good thing we are on ‘lock down’.

This project allowed me to use up a lot of samples that I would usually save until later. Im still not sure whats going on with my skin, but its still incredibly dry, so Im glad Im using these products.

How are you doing with any short term projects youre doing?

Current Makeup Storage/Setup

I recently repainted my office. The room hadnt been touched in probably 30 years by looking at the damage to the walls. (Weve only lived here about 5 years or so) It took me almost a week to spackle and paint – if that tells you anything.

Im currently waiting for our stores to reopen (unfortunately I live in a county that isnt scheduled to open this week) so I can get new furniture. So my desk area is still in limbo.

I am currently using a desk that has a ‘hutch’ and right now its being taken up by any odds or ends that currently dont have a home because I have no shelving on my walls yet. It doesnt usually look like this! My acrylic organizers are where they are usually and thats what I wanted to show you.

These acrylic drawers contain the entirety of my makeup collection.

On the left is a Sorbus (I think thats the brand name) that I purchased from QVC on sale for like $20. It does have another piece (it holds about 10 lipsticks) that is currently on the hutch area, but its hard to see in this photo. To the right of that, are two Muji 5 drawers stacked on top of the other, and then I have two Muji 2 drawers on top of another Muji 5 drawer. On the right is a plastic 3 drawer that I probably bought from Walmart. That holds my eyeshadow palettes in the top drawer and my makeup brushes in the other two drawers.

I actually purchased the Muji drawers for $10 each on sale a couple of years ago. I have another 2 drawer from them that I store all of my manicure/pedicure tools in (not pictured).


How do you store your makeup collection?

April 2020 Empties and some project updates!

I was disappointed that I did not finish more products last month, including the face masks I added during the last week of April. I only managed to use up 2 of the 5. However, I did manage to re-do my office last weekend!

I also finished up 4 of my Spring into Summer samples! I really enjoyed using the essence and toners from Clarins and I knew I loved the Sunday Riley Good Genes. Im so close to finishing two of the moisturizers I had in this project.

I also managed to finish off my Maybelline Brow Precise that I just added into my Project Pan! I had no idea I was that close to finishing it! I also finished up the Chella Clear Brow Gel Ive been working on since the beginning of the year.

Ill be updating my year-long project pan as soon as I finish putting my office back together.

I managed to use up $80.25 worth of products despite the appearance here.


Did you manage to use anything up this month?

I joined BeachBody on Demand!

Before you start reading this post, I want you to know that I am aware of the issues with this program. I am not going to be a coach, or participate in drinking or selling the shakes. I am only here for the daily workouts. Please do not ‘warn’ me in my comments. Thank you. 

Ive thought long and hard about physical fitness and my health these past few years. Ive been a member of the YMCA on and off for the last 5 years. I mostly do group exercises like Zumba, BodyPump, and CXWorx.

In light of the possibility that my state may begin re-opening mid-May, I have seriously thought about the implications of being in my local YMCA and around upwards of 10-20 people in a group exercise room. I also do not want to workout with a mask on my face. I have a compromised immune system (SLE/FM) and have not been taking ANY chances with my health during this challenging time. Ive been doing regular workouts on Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube but I have found that Ive been doing the same types of workouts everyday and needed something more.

Ive known people who have done Beachbody and Ive even followed some coaches online for awhile. Ive even done their sample workouts and really enjoyed them.

I decided that since we dropped our membership to save what we could (Thankfully my S-O is still able to work right now) that we could put that towards this program. Comparably, my YMCA membership is $70 a month for the two of us and BBOD is $99 a year. And since I dont expect to be back at my gym for the remainder of this year, this makes sense on many levels.

I have a coach (actually a married couple) who has an active Facebook group so I have some semblance of social interaction. I have a workout plan and I can access my workouts on my laptop, phone, tablet, and apple tv.  I wasnt aware of this, but they also have a nutrition aspect – not just their shakes. There are even vegan options, so Im able to use that-in addition to what Im already doing to plan my meals.

I am a week into BBOD and I am loving it. The workouts are challenging – Im doing the 21 Day Fix (Real Time) with using their Yoga Studio on my off days.

Im not here to sell anything. And if you want more information Ill point you in the direction of who I joined thru. I make no commission if you join. Just contact me on Instagram (@JustSheilz) and let me know you read this blog post.

I hope you guys are doing well and staying safe!

Lets finish the month of April strong!

I hardly have any empties for the month and Ive been really stressing the importance of skincare. For the most part, most of my skincare is geared towards oily skin. I normally only have about two months of normal or normal/dry skin a year and its usually during December and January when I experience drier skin.

For some reason my skin has been uncomfortably dry. Im thinking its some side effect to some of the medications Ive been taking since February. Last week I posted my sample project with all the dry skin skincare items and Ive been using them with some success.

While I was looking thru my facemasks, I realized I had some face masks geared exactly for what Im needing! I only choose 5 because April is almost over and I didnt want to have a goal I couldnt accomplish.

So, Ill be using the facemasks pictured below thru the end of April:


Ill also be doing a May Mask Challenge (started by Lisa Stevens) where I try to do a facemask at least 15 times during the month. I wont be doing in-depth posts here, but Ill be posting stories on my instagram and posting them in a highlight on my account.

I hope you will join in!

Rolling Project Pan Update – 1st quarter

Its hard to believe that we are now into the 2nd quarter of the year.

I have finished 8 products so far this year, and one that unfortunately expired.

The latest items were/are:

  • I finished the Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer last month. Im replacing it with the Ulta Lilac Breeze Body Lotion  – 1 large bottle and 3 small bottles. Ive been working on the large bottle for over a year.
  • I finished the Laura Geller Lip Scrub. Im replacing it with the Tarte Lip Facial. This is one of my favorite lip scrubs.
  • My Aurora X Ipsy concealer expired. Im replacing this with BareMinerals Stroke of Light. I have only used this a few times, but so far Im liking it.
  • I finished the Anastasia Brow Wiz. Im replacing it with Maybelline Brow Precise. I had used this brow pencil on and off, but its time to use it up.


Are you doing a rolling project? If so, how are you doing?