Rolling Project Pan Update – 1st quarter

Its hard to believe that we are now into the 2nd quarter of the year.

I have finished 8 products so far this year, and one that unfortunately expired.

The latest items were/are:

  • I finished the Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer last month. Im replacing it with the Ulta Lilac Breeze Body Lotion  – 1 large bottle and 3 small bottles. Ive been working on the large bottle for over a year.
  • I finished the Laura Geller Lip Scrub. Im replacing it with the Tarte Lip Facial. This is one of my favorite lip scrubs.
  • My Aurora X Ipsy concealer expired. Im replacing this with BareMinerals Stroke of Light. I have only used this a few times, but so far Im liking it.
  • I finished the Anastasia Brow Wiz. Im replacing it with Maybelline Brow Precise. I had used this brow pencil on and off, but its time to use it up.


Are you doing a rolling project? If so, how are you doing?

February 2020 Empties

I did not use alot of products up this month. A lot of that has to do with my medical issues during the last week.

My skin was unusually dry so I used some really moisturizing sheet masks. One stand out was the Peach and Lilly sheet mask. I actually received this mask as a free sample! I received a set of Karuna sheet masks in my FabFitFun box and so far, Ive really enjoyed using them.

I did manage to use up $76!!


What did you finish last month?

Project Pan Updates

My apologies for my absence last week, but I had some medical issues to attend to.

As some of you might know, Im doing a Project 20 Pan. As I finish an item, Ill be replacing it with another in the same category.

Well, I finished 4 items!

  1. Hand Cream -Dionis White Jasmine & Shea hand cream. Im actually replacing this with the purse version. I love this hand cream – I might have one more in back up to use up before I move onto other hand creams Ive had in limbo.
  2. Lotion – jojoba oil and will be replacing it with the Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer. I had to pry the cap off because this bottle was so difficult to squeeze any product out. I love this, but the full size is just too difficult for me to use. I do have a travel size tube in my back ups and I prefer using those due to their ease of use.
  3. Face Mask – Elemis face mask last month and have replaced it with the NXN Power Detox mask. This one is not my favorite but it is the oldest mask in my stash.
  4. Eyeliner – Ulta double sided eyeliner (black only) and have replaced it with the Maybelline Unstoppable eyeliner. This eyeliner was my holy grail for many years.

Im pretty sure that I will be able to finish the Dionis hand cream and Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer by the end of March due to how much product Ive already used before neglecting them previously.


Have you used up any items? Are you working thru any older products youve had stored away?


2020 Project Pan Plans – 20 in 20

I have decided to do another rolling project pan as well as continue to work thru my perfumes.

I will be doing this years project a little different than in the past. I will be doing 10 body care products and 10 Makeup products. I will be rolling in new items as I finish.

For Body Care, I will be working on:

  1. Hand Cream – Dionis White Jasmine & Shea hand cream
  2. Foot Care – Lush Pink Peppermint foot cream
  3. Dry Shampoo –  R&Co Badlands paste
  4. Body Lotion – jojoba oil
  5. Lip Scrub – Laura Geller
  6. Eye Care – Ulta eye gels
  7. Face Mask – Elemis thousand flower mask
  8. Lip Product – Sephora Lip Balm
  9. Cleanser – Clean and Clear Morning Burst
  10. Perfume – Elizabeth and James Nirvana rollerball


For Makeup, I will be working on:

  1. Primer – Dr Brandt Luminizer
  2. Concealer – Aurora X Ipsy
  3. Powder Foundation – BareMinerals Matte
  4. Liquid Foundation – Maybelline Matte and Poreless
  5. Powder – Essense All About Matt
  6. Setting Powder – Cover FX powder
  7. Blush – Tarte Paarty
  8. Brows – Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz
  9. Brow Gel – Chella
  10. Eyeliner – Ulta Double sided (Black side only)


I will also be continuing to work on using my perfumes. This year, Ill be concentrating on trying to use up two rollerballs and at least one deluxe sized mini. I hope to finish 10 decanted samples. (I finished 33 of these last year.)

I also want to hit pan on at least 20 eyeshadows this year.

Are you planning on doing a project pan this year?


2020 Low Buy Plans

Last year I decided to go on a low buy/no buy but did not have a concrete plan. I exceeded the amount I planned to spend, so this year, I am making a plan.

I have a strict guidelines for myself for 2020. I will only be replacing products I run out of, but will allow myself a splurge item for my birthday.

I have subscribed to FabFitFun as well as the Allure Beauty Box and those items will be counted as beauty purchases in my yearly spreadsheet. I plan on keeping the Allure box thru June, but may obviously cancel prior to then. Should I cancel the Allure box, I will not be subscribing to any other beauty box for the remainder of the year.

I plan on buying the reusable bamboo type makeup rounds sometime this year. I have a back stock of cotton rounds so this purchase will be made sometime this summer.

I will also be looking at what Ulta has in their 21 Days of Beauty. They have offered the Tarte lip paints in years prior and I will be looking to repurchase one that Ive been using for awhile.

Products I will need to repurchase:

  • Laura Mercier loose setting powder – I just finished up a deluxe sample and this will be what I purchase for my birthday in June.
  • Clinique Pretty Easy Liquid Eye liner – This is my favorite liquid liner. I have some Elf liners to use before I purchase this.
  • Mascara (Either Mac, Clinique, or Charlotte Tilbury) – I have enough mascaras to get me thru most of the year, but if Ulta has any of these on sale, I will be buying one at that time.
  • Cleanser (Loreal and Origins) – I have a bunch of cleansers to finish but Ill need to purchase sometime near the end of the year.
  • Setting Spray – Ill need to purchase sometime this summer.
  • Beauty Sponges – I have enough sponges to get thru spring/summer but I think Ill need to purchase sometime around October.

Im sure there are other items I will need as the year goes on, but I will not purchase until I am almost out of what I have on hand. I should not need to purchase any skin care this year, but if I happen to run out of something, I will make a purchase for what I need.

So, are you going on a low buy or no buy this year? Have you made plans to cut down on your spending?

December 2019 Empties

I cannot believe that the year is over! The end of another decade. The beginning of something new is about to occur…

The end of a year is something special. You can say goodbye to the old and hello to the new. You can strive to be something more. You can reinvent yourself.

On a makeup related note: Make sure to replace your mascaras, makeup sponges and liquid liners if you have had them in use over 3 months. Dont start your year using old or dirty tools 🙂

This months empties total is $185.45!!

Our total amount for 2019 is $1,419.50!

This amount far exceeds what I thought I would have used up for the year! It all adds up.


How many products did you finish this month?

2019 Skin Care Favorites

I wanted to share some of my favorite skin care products with you. Almost all are fairly new finds to me but quickly worked their way into my routine.

Before I begin, I have to let you know that I have VERY oily skin. Its less oily during the fall/winter months, but its never not oily. Im also over 40 so my concerns are specific to aging skin.

  1. The Origins Check and Balances Frothy Face Wash is my absolute favorite cleanser. I use this as a second cleanse once my makeup is removed. You only need a pea sized amount and it foams up and leaves your skin feeling so refreshed and clean. This has been a favorite for years.
  2. The Pixi Glow Tonic has been raved about for years, but I finally tried it and it is worth the hype in my opinion. I saw such a difference in my skin from using it. I have to finish my former favorite toner (it was a favorite for many years) but as you can see, Ive purchased more Glow Tonic.
  3. One of the most recent finds for me is the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream. I ordered the Charlotte Tilbury Advent Box and tried this cream and it really is magical. I dont know what is in it that makes my skin look so great, but I have gone many days without make up on my face when Ive used this. I actually purchased another small size because I dont want to be without it.
  4. The Peter Thomas Roth Water Drench Cloud Cream is fantastic. This moisturizer is light and sinks in right away making my skin feel incredible. I am so thankful to have received this in a Sephora Play box a couple years ago because its been a holy grail ever since. (The Neutrogena HydroBoost moisturizer is a decent dupe for a drug store option)
  5. I cant remember who told me about the Kiehls creamy eye treatment being a great eye cream option but Im telling you! Its so moisturizing without being sticky and doesnt give me those bumps under my skin that other eye creams have done.


I have never really had favorites when it came to masking – except for the fact that my skin loves charcoal and clay. This year I wanted to find other types of masks that wouldnt dry my skin out so much and let me tell you…..I have found some fantastic products.

  1. The Neutrogena Hydro Boost line is fantastic in general, but the hydrogel masks are something that has made me love sheet masks. These are literally the first sheet masks I have truly loved. (Ive since tried the Ulta version and like those as well.) These soothe and hydrate the skin and do not slide all around your face!
  2. I have fallen in love with hydrogel eye masks as well. Right now Im using the Ulta brand version. Hydrogels do not slide around so you can do other things while masking.
  3. The Peter Thomas Roth Hungarian Thermal Water Atomic Heat Mask is another find from a Sephora Play Box. Not only do I love the results of this mask, but the process is quick and is an experience! In short, you spread this on a dry face, wait about two minutes, then dampen your hands with cool water. The cool water activates the mask and your face will get warm. You massage your face until the heat factor goes away – then you rinse off. (The moisturizer from this line is a fantastic night cream for me.)


Have you found any new skin care favorites?