The fun of subscription boxes

If you are like me, you have a routine for yourself when it comes to skincare and makeup. You know what works for you and you dont want to deviate from those products. You seldom want to try new things. And you certainly dont want to ‘waste’ your money on products that might not work for you.

THATS where the fun of getting subscription boxes comes in.

There is a subscription box for almost everything these days….whether its for your pet, your movie collection, or even for those who collect toys. This post is just going to be about personal care subscriptions.

In the past two years I have tried beauty boxes from Target, Walmart, Ipsy, Birchbox, and Sephora. I dont get the Target or Birchbox beauty boxes any longer, but I did like the items Ive received from them. Most of the boxes I subscribe to are inexpensive (around $10 a month) and contain 5 products.

Ive tried so many products that have become my holy grail due to receiving a deluxe sample in a subscription box.

Do you subscribe to any beauty boxes?



MorpheMe – Morphe Brush Monthly Subscription Box | LiveGlam

I recently cancelled my Birchbox subscription due to a lackluster “beta” trial and wanted to try out a new subscription service. Ive been viewing TONS of unboxings on youtube and nothing has seemed exciting to me. I already receive Ipsy, Sephora Play and the quarterly Walmart Beauty Box.

Somewhere I had read that you can get Morphe makeup brushes every month so I asked around and found LiveGlam. For $19.99 a month, you receive a $30 value in Morphe makeup brushes. You can also sign up for their lip monthly and/or nail polish monthly subscriptions if that is what you are looking for.

I signed up at the end of April and received my brushes about a week and a half later. According to the LiveGlam site, my shipments will be around the 27th of the month. It should be noted that you can skip a month or trade your brushes for a previous months set, or even trade your brushes for points towards products.

My first shipment was the May “Voyage to Glam” theme that included 5 Morphe brushes from the gun metal collection and they are all synthetic.

I received:

  • G1 – Small Buffer ($9.99)
  • G19 – Round Liner Contour ($2.99)
  • G38 – Mini Round Contour ($5.99)
  • G40 – Pro Detail Powder ($5.99)
  • G41 – Mini Contour ($5.99)


I havent used these brushes yet, but I do have a brush kit from Morphe that I use frequently. I expect these brushes to perform just as well.

If you would like to sign up for LiveGlam’s MorpheMe subscription box, please use my link. If I remember correctly, if you join using my link, we each get a free brush!

Join LiveGlam: /?ref=Justsheilz

April Sephora Play Box ‘controversy’

Ive been a Sephora Play Box subscriber for about a year now, and for the last few weeks Ive been hearing alot of people online complain about this months products. I hardly ever get what I see others unbox and I hadn’t seen anything ‘offensive’ unboxed when Ive searched.

Im actually pretty happy with the items I do receive. So, I waited for my package to arrive. This months box showed up a little bit earlier than they usually do, so I was quite happy about that right off the bat.

Pictured below are the items I received.

  • Sephora waterproof eye makeup remover – Ive only heard great things about this product, and I believe I picked up a trial size in the checkout line. I dont really recall anything about it, but Im excited to try it.
  • Daisy from Marc Jacobs – I really like the Daisy perfumes. Daisy Dream is my favorite but this one is very nice.
  • Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer – I think this was one of the first primers on the market. It didnt really do much for me back then, but Ill try it again and see if it works now.
  • Kate Somerville exfoliator – Im really excited to try this. Ive been meaning to pick up something from her line from some time now but havent yet.
  • Makeup Forever Aqua XL pencil eyeliner – I LOVE this eyeliner in my water line. I got one a while ago as a point perk and Im almost finished it and I had it on my wish list, but now I dont have to buy it yet!
  • Peter Thomas Roth water drench moisturizer – For someone with oily skin, this scares me, but in my ‘research’ online, Ive heard hyaluronic acids are good for mature and oily skin!


After receiving my Sephora Play Box, Im perplexed about why people are upset. Even the variations Ive seen online aren’t bad in my opinion.

Do you subscribe to Sephora Play? If so, are you upset about the products you received this month?