Meet my latest nemesis – My files

We have been very busy decluttering and organizing the last few months. This week we ‘finished’ going thru what we had in storage pertaining to our kitchen and paperwork.

The photo below is what I had in two plastic bins stored for the last few years. Now, there were SOME things I needed to keep (like my organizational tabs and some assorted files) but almost all the rest was either placed in a pile for shredding or recycled.

This stack is only a representation of the size of what I no longer need to keep. The amount of time and effort I put into my paperwork is honestly incredible. So this week I concentrated on going thru EVERYTHING. I spent approximately 8 hours this week taking everything out of my filing cabinet (in addition to what is pictured here) and going thru every file-every piece of paper.


Other than obvious files you have to keep (tax stuff, homeowners stuff, important purchase files) I got rid of almost everything else. While my two drawer file cabinet is still full, I can now say that it only has what I absolutely need to keep.

And this morning while looking thru my instagram and facebook archive, I realized that this is a project I do every two years.

Do you have a file management system in place? Do you try to keep up with it?

1,000 Item Declutter July Update

My apologies for not posting last week but we have been making some major progress decluttering items that have been in storage.

Unfortunately a LOT of things had to be thrown away instead of donated. We had boxes of linens – bath towels, rugs, curtains as well as bags of coats from over the years that are in no condition to give to anyone.

We took a truck load of these things to the dump. We attempted to keep a count but lost track at around 200!

This week we are concentrating on kitchen items that we put in storage. We have about 10 boxes to go thru and we are hoping that anything we cant use can be given to family members.

I also went thru clothing that has been sitting in bins in the back of my basement. Like many others, I have not stayed the same size the last 10 years and cannot fit into clothes Ive saved for that day I mysteriously shrink 🙂 I put out a ‘call’ on facebook and a family friend came and picked two bins up last night. We tried counting but lost track so we are estimating about 150 various tank tops, tshirts and hoodies.

This weeks declutter brings me up to 689 items in total decluttered!!!

Have you been decluttering things from your life?


1,000 item declutter mid-year update

Back in February I decided to continue my 1,000 item declutter project. Ive been doing this for a couple of years and thought it was a great way to continually think about what items just take up space in my house.

Its been difficult to declutter some items because donation centers like Goodwill and Green Drop have been closed due to the pandemic, so Im not going to be counting those items set aside for donation just yet. (Spoiler alert-its a lot)

I also havent sold anything on Mercari and Poshmark since mid-February because I didnt want to have to go to the post office during our stay at home orders. Both apps have a way to deactivate your listings or put your closet on a vacation hold.

Now, onto the numbers –

Regarding my makeup and skincare category, I decluttered 30 items in the first half of the year and finished 90 items.

That category totals 120 items.

Prior to the pandemic closings I was able to sell 10 items via Poshmark. I had no sales via Mercari.

I spent about two weeks re-doing my office. During those two weeks, I decluttered/recycled two wooden shelves, an old and broken venetian blind, old curtains, approximately 10 boxes and 20 various materials used for packing,  as well as 7 items pertaining to the repainting of my office.

This category totals 41 items.

I hesitate to call my next totals a declutter, but we managed to fill several boxes of non-perishables for my son and his family. This might have been 20 items.

We also spent several days cleaning out our shed. It was filled with decorations that literally havent seen the light of day for several years. Some were broken and others were just junk. There were several other assorted items that could not be salvaged. We took 2 truck loads to the dump. I did not count each specific thing taken out, but I am approximating that there were at least 100 items decluttered.

This brings my first half to 291 items decluttered!

I wont be waiting until the end of the year for my next update because we are planning on going thru what has been packed in storage for the last 5 years (yes, I know). I foresee many more things being decluttered from that process, but it will take a couple of months.

Have you been actively decluttering during this pandemic? Let me know!


March 2020 Empties and Declutter

What’s that phrase? March comes in like a lion? March has been a month, hasnt it?

Most of us havent been going anywhere or even wearing makeup, so its incredible that I finished anything this month.

I did manage to use up $122.91 worth of products! My 1st quarter empties total is $277.69!!


As you can see, I finished a few project pan items. I will be doing an update in a future post.

I am also decluttering 3 items.


Luckily, these items are only valued at about $8.

  • The Ipsy concealer has been making my skin dry out and thats saying something for someone like me with oily skin.
  • The Elf eyeliner runs so bad and I also was not aware that it was a blue liner until it ran so bad.
  • The Lancome eyeliner has dried out.

Were you able to finish anything this month?

2020 1,000 Item Declutter

I have been thinking about doing another year long declutter. If you are new to my blog, I have been doing the 1,000 item declutter for the past two years. I only got to about 800 items my first time doing this project, due to starting later in the year, but last year I actually surpassed 1,000 items.

I successfully got rid of 5 boxes of clothes last year! We used GreenDrop (not sponsored) to schedule pickup and we chose The National Federation of the Blind as our charity. This made decluttering super easy because these boxes didnt have to wait for us to remember to take these items elsewhere. If you dont have this particular program in your area, find an equivalent to make this process easy.

Late last fall, we renovated our kitchen ourselves. In the process, we decluttered boxes of kitchen items. Most of these items were things family members could use. Other items were broken so those got tossed.

Its astounding that you can get rid of so much, but still have so much that goes unused. Its also crazy to see how much you accumulate even when you are regularly decluttering.

Im also thinking of adding in that month-long challenge where you get rid of a specified amount each day – its something like 400 things decluttered.

Are any of you planning on doing a project like this?

Start Fresh 2020 Declutter

My apologies for not having this up yesterday, but time got away from me.

I realize that I did an end of year declutter but after watching LizzieLovesLife’s video on decluttering her expired/old products, I decided I really needed to take a better look thru my collection. I didnt want to start off the year/decade with expired products.

Its a shame that so many products in my collection were showing signs of their age. Some stopped performing (but I thought I could make them work) and others are simply expired.

I have also decided that I will be decluttering my ABH Modern Renaissance and Subculture palettes at the end of the year. I have progress on both palettes but I dont think they will perform by next year. I am trying to hit pan on every shadow this year.

I also have 4 lipsticks that didnt even make it into my collection that I will be giving to my daughter in law. (Not pictured) I didnt outright pay for them. They came in subscription boxes last month and so I wont be factoring them into any of my totals since the subscription box is already accounted for in my yearly budget.

After adding up the values, the amount shown in the photo below is $167.05.


2019 Declutter

I havent done a declutter since April and the items that have expired or didnt work for me have been accumulating. I figured the best time to get rid of these items is before the New Year.

None of these products will be passed along.

Some notable products in this declutter are:

  • Ive been using the Elf brow wax for about two years and its now giving me a rash where its applied. Its inexpensive but it went bad before I could finish it.
  • 10 of these products are liquid lips or lip balms. Only two were purchased – the others were in a beauty box of some type.
  • Ive also had 5 Lorac eyeshadows and a travel sized Too Faced Chocolate Soleil bronzer expire.
  • My Stila glitter and glow shadow dried up before I could finish it as well.

The estimated total for all of the items I am decluttering is $127!

My end of year total for makeup and skincare products decluttered is $264!!

I will be doing a more strict no buy (replacements only) next year. My only non-replacement product will be for my birthday. But my 2020 plans will be outlined in a January post.


Will you be doing a declutter before the New Year? What things are you saying goodbye to?

April 2019 Declutter

Im posting this a day early because I don’t think Ill be around my computer during the day on Thursday.

Back in February, I posted a declutter, so this may come as a surprise that Im doing another one. I spent the last few days going over my inventory and really cleaning and organizing my collection and found that there were products that really needed to go.

The total for the following items Im decluttering is $49.99! My total for the year to date decluttered is $137.99! That total astounds me and its one of the many reasons Im on a low-buy/no buy this year.

  1. 2 shadows from a Palladio quad that Im certain was part of one of my first projects posted on my blog. These two shadows keep cracking and its an old quad, so they are gone.
  2. An Ulta highlighter I received in a kit that Ive never used.
  3. Metallist Liquid Foil & Glitter Duo from a Sephora Play box I never used. I opened it and its completely dried up.
  4. A tarte lip paint that was a birthday gift or in a Sephora Play that looks horrible on me. The formula is a bit thick also, so it may be expired.
  5. 4 Sephora lip stains that I bought as a set that look horrible on me.
  6. An Urban Decay Afterglow highlighter (Sin) from an Ipsy bag that Ive never used that has to be expired by now.
  7. Elf Lipstick (Ravishing Rose) that is broken beyond repair.
  8. A Femme Couture lipstick (Classic Caramel) that was in my first project pan that I lost after using half of it. Im tossing because its old and I have no idea if exposure to the elements may have screwed it up.
  9. Elf brow that was labeled a dark brown but its actually black and unusable to me. For some reason I threw it back into my collection instead of tossing it then and there.
  10. This Ulta Mattifying Balm was awesome and I panned almost half of it, but I left it open and now there’s fuzz all over it and that’s gross.


Have you decluttered anything recently?

1,000 item declutter – 1st quarter 2019

If you have been reading my blog, you will know that I did a 1,000 item declutter last year. I only made it to 800 items last year, but I started in spring so I fell short of that goal. I wanted to declutter more this year, so I began at the start of the year.

I won’t be itemizing everything I decluttered because that would take too long.

Ive decluttered 220 items this quarter! 

This includes: magazines, old vape stuff, empty makeup packaging and a few makeup brushes and sponges.

Ive sold makeup bags, skincare that does not suit my skin type, makeup Ive purchased and never used, a pair of Coach slip on shoes, and old wallets and purses.

I think I did great getting rid of items that haven’t been used.

Are you doing a declutter this year? Do you declutter seasonally or do you get rid of things here and there during the year?

First declutter of 2019

While going thru my collection and starting to plan for products to use in future projects, I found some products that have expired or that I no longer could work with.

The total for the following products I am decluttering is $88.00  Some of these items I purchased on sale, but cannot remember how much I paid so I just did a quick google search for the cost.

  1. Perricone MD Eye Lift – I received this item from Influenster and absolutely HATED it. The pump broke about 5 uses in, so I depotted it into an empty jar I had. I tried making this eye cream work, but it just was not something that worked for me.
  2. Olay Fresh Effects Mattifier – I loved this product and purchased this bottle when I  found out it was discontinued. Unfortunately, I did not use it in time so its just a mess to use now.
  3. Sephora LashCraft Big Volume mascara – I used this about a month but when I was doing my makeup, I dropped the wand and it rolled all over the floor under my desk. I did enjoy using it and will consider purchasing it in the future.
  4. Elf Lip Exfoliator – I love this product and purchased two when it was on sale, but unfortunately this has expired.


Have you decluttered anything lately?