3rd Quarter 2020 Project Updates

Ive recently had some changes occur in all of my projects and wanted to document them.

2020 Rolling Project Pan (year long project with makeup and skincare)

Since beginning this project, I have finished 6 makeup items and 8 skincare products placed in this project. I finished a primer and eyeliner this month so I will be adding in the Elf Poreless Putty Primer and the Pixi Endless Silky Eye Pen in Black

9 by November Seasonal Project Pan

I have finished 6 products placed in this project (I actually ended up finishing 4 deluxe sized eye creams since starting this project)

I still have the Sunday Riley Luna Oil and Peter Thomas Roth moisturizer and mask as well as the Strivectin Neck Cream to finish, but Im confident that Ill have all but the mask finished by November.

1,000 item declutter project

I surpassed the 1,000 item mark last weekend and we arent even halfway finished going thru our storage area. That isnt even including the items I havent been able to donate yet. I will be doing a dedicated post about this process towards the end of the year. I will still be decluttering and adding to the amount.

How are you doing on your projects this year? I know Covid really put a damper on so many project pans this year.

What were you doing 19 years ago?

By the time this post goes live the yearly events of the memorialization of September 11th will be underway. I can barely remember what I had for dinner this week, but I will never forget every detail of that morning.

I will never forget getting the call to turn on the news that morning while I sat in my office at the job I had at the time. I could only listen to the local news radio station until I could find a classroom that had an actual television in the room and we watched the second plane hit. (I worked in the adult education field.)

I will never forget the phone calls to my now deceased mother-in-law who stood in a line at the local middle school to pick up my daughter while I went to the elementary school to pick up my son.

Im not sure why we all went and picked up our children, but there was real fear in our community. Living on the east coast during this time sent many of us into what-ifs.

A dear friend of mine, who is also now deceased, came to visit me the rest of the day while we watched the news in horror. We sat in the living room with the weight of the days events upon us.

19 years later, I can still remember that conversation. I can still remember the horror I felt. I still remember trying to find the words to explain to my young children why hundreds of parents and grandparents stood in line to pick them up from school that morning.

Its obvious how that day has changed so much about how we live our lives today, but in the hours and days that followed the attacks in New York, DC, and Pennsylvania were truly frightening.

Many of us were afraid to attend any gatherings in the weeks that followed.

Do you remember what you were doing?

Small Bathroom Project

One of the areas I have been working on improving has been our very small bathroom. I live in a townhome and our main bathroom is on the second floor. There is a tub/shower, toilet and sink. There is no enclosed area under the sink to store anything inside.

Ive been trying to come up with storage ideas for inside the tub/shower area for several years but nothing so far has worked. Weve used those suction cup things and they just dont hold enough and I was sick of seeing shampoos and body wash sitting along side the tub area.

Last week I was scrolling on Instagram and saw that Aldi was advertising the below pictured shower caddy. When I was young, my parents had a similar storage solution for their bathroom.


This is the storage caddy in use with all of our items! The top shelf is used for holding my razors, exfoliating glove and a face wash. Then the other shelves hold our shampoos and body washes. I use the bottom shelf for my body scrub and any bar soaps. There is also a way to hang washcloths but I dont like the idea of having them hang wet there so I use section hooks for them up and out of the way.


You can see why I didnt want all of that surround the tub area.

We were even inspired to install a new shower head!


Have you been inspired to do any small projects around your house during this time?

August 2020 Empties

Its hard to believe that we have almost reach the end of another month.

Ive been keeping myself busy with both small and large projects. We are still cleaning out our storage, but since my significant other is working a full time job and the weather here has been so hot and humid, its been slow going.

Ive been steadily finishing up some of the older items in my collection and really putting a dent into what Ive accumulated in regards to skincare products.

I was able to finish a few items in my projects (which I will be updating shortly). And I colored my hair this month!

This months empties total is $165.47!


How have you been doing? Have you finished anything this month?

Meet my latest nemesis – My files

We have been very busy decluttering and organizing the last few months. This week we ‘finished’ going thru what we had in storage pertaining to our kitchen and paperwork.

The photo below is what I had in two plastic bins stored for the last few years. Now, there were SOME things I needed to keep (like my organizational tabs and some assorted files) but almost all the rest was either placed in a pile for shredding or recycled.

This stack is only a representation of the size of what I no longer need to keep. The amount of time and effort I put into my paperwork is honestly incredible. So this week I concentrated on going thru EVERYTHING. I spent approximately 8 hours this week taking everything out of my filing cabinet (in addition to what is pictured here) and going thru every file-every piece of paper.


Other than obvious files you have to keep (tax stuff, homeowners stuff, important purchase files) I got rid of almost everything else. While my two drawer file cabinet is still full, I can now say that it only has what I absolutely need to keep.

And this morning while looking thru my instagram and facebook archive, I realized that this is a project I do every two years.

Do you have a file management system in place? Do you try to keep up with it?

July 2020 Empties

Its so hard to believe that its August!

I had a pretty light month for empties but surprisingly finished up 3 eye cream deluxe samples. Unfortunately, the Clinique and Clarins samples were barely filled halfway – so I dont have a huge feeling of accomplishment. I am in the midst of finishing another Clarins eye cream sample that was barely filled, as well. I did not post another update for them because I finished them within a few uses. I wont be adding another eye cream to my project because I think 4 is enough to keep track of!

Despite the packaging, the Curology moisturizer was a cleanser. It was a recent Allure Beauty Box product and I received an email stating there was a mistake of some sort and to see which one I received. Suffice it to say, I received the mislabeled/mispackaged item so I did receive a replacement moisturizer from Curology.

Im almost finished another Ulta lilac lotion (in addition to the one shown here) and only have one more sample after that left. Ill probably be taking a break from it because Im a bit bored with it.

My total for July is $42.48

This is by no means impressive, but considering how many older items Ive used this year, I am still impressed.


Were you able to finish anything?

Fitness Update

Some of you may know that I started taking my health and fitness seriously this year –

Last June I had rejoined my local YMCA, but as we all know there was a global pandemic and gyms were shut down. Our local YMCA allowed us to pause our memberships, which we did, in order to save money.

In mid-April I joined Beachbody on Demand. Since joining I have finished one program (21 Day Fix Real Time) and will be finishing my second program (Barre Blend) this Friday. I will be starting their newest program (#mbf/#mbfa) when I complete Barre Blend.

Its hard to get a handle on what has worked for me this last year. I was working out two days a week at my YMCA – mostly doing cardio (Zumba) and doing youtube video workouts when I felt like it. During the earlier days of quarantine I was doing facebook live workouts.

I have lost 20 pounds since last June but since April, I have gone down two sizes. TWO sizes!!! I have worked out EVERYDAY since quarantine began in early March! (I did miss a few days when I had oral surgery.)

It is also worth noting that I have drastically changed my diet. Back in January I did switch to a plant based (vegan) diet. I have stuck with this style of eating and have really concentrated on trying to eat healthy. I have been experimenting with different recipes Ive found online and have actually been loving creating new dishes.

Have you changed your life during quarantine?

1,000 Item Declutter July Update

My apologies for not posting last week but we have been making some major progress decluttering items that have been in storage.

Unfortunately a LOT of things had to be thrown away instead of donated. We had boxes of linens – bath towels, rugs, curtains as well as bags of coats from over the years that are in no condition to give to anyone.

We took a truck load of these things to the dump. We attempted to keep a count but lost track at around 200!

This week we are concentrating on kitchen items that we put in storage. We have about 10 boxes to go thru and we are hoping that anything we cant use can be given to family members.

I also went thru clothing that has been sitting in bins in the back of my basement. Like many others, I have not stayed the same size the last 10 years and cannot fit into clothes Ive saved for that day I mysteriously shrink 🙂 I put out a ‘call’ on facebook and a family friend came and picked two bins up last night. We tried counting but lost track so we are estimating about 150 various tank tops, tshirts and hoodies.

This weeks declutter brings me up to 689 items in total decluttered!!!

Have you been decluttering things from your life?


Nine by November Update 1

A couple of posts ago I introduced my Nine by November project. Last night I unexpectedly finished my Caudalie eye cream. Ive been working on it for several months and rolled it into this project.

I will be replacing it with the Clinique Pep Start eye cream as shown in the photo below. It is the oldest eye cream in my collection now that the Caudalie is finished.


2020 Rolling Project Pan – Mid-year Update

Thankfully 2020 is halfway over. Who would have thought that back in January so many plans would have to be modified so much? Admittedly I do A LOT of skincare projects and its no surprise that my 2020 Rolling Project Pan has focused on the skincare products Ive chosen.

I have finished 15 items that have been in my 2020 project and while that does seem to be successful, there are several categories Im still struggling to use.

If you read my last post you will know that I finished a cleanser, setting powder and had to declutter an expired face mask. So I am rolling the next oldest products in my collection in those categories.

  • Cleanser – Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Wash. While this isnt the cleanser I  need to use for how my skin is currently, its my oldest cleanser so I need to use it up. Ill be using it as my morning cleanse.
  • Mask – Kate Somerville Exfolikate. I love this mask and Ive used almost half of the tube.
  • Setting Powder – Makeup Forever HD powder. Ive never used this powder before but I know several people who love it as much as the Laura Mercier.

C79615A3-8B8F-4631-A095-DBD6E60107D2_1_201_aI also change up which perfumes I use during this time of year. So, Ive rolled in my Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream rollerball into the project. Ill be using this perfume until sometime early fall when I will roll the Elizabeth and James Nirvana back into the project.

Have you been struggling with your year long projects? Have you finished many products?