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First time with a derma roller

About two weeks ago I ordered a .25 derma roller from Target. This is the recommended needle depth to allow your skin care to absorb more efficiently and you can use this product everyday/a few times a week. I ordered it from Target for $10.99 + tax but you can find derma rollers from several different places.


Its worth noting that the .25 depth is not used for scar reduction, collagen growth, stretch marks or wrinkle reduction.

I have noticed that most of my skin care is mid-range to high-end and I want it to work at its full advantage. Im not getting any younger and my skin is definitely showing its age with every year.

Its very important to keep the derma roller sanitized prior to and after your treatment and store it in the plastic case that it came with. It is also important that you cleanse your skin before and after treatment. Some recommend using isopropyl alcohol or witch hazel, but I prefer Sea Breeze astringent.

There are many videos on youtube showing how to use your derma roller. I would suggest watching more than one.

Have you tried derma rolling? If you try it after reading this, let me know in the comments.


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