Before you get that European Facial

Many of us enjoy doing face masks at home, whether they are sheets masks or peel off masks, they give our skin some extra pampering. At some point, you may want to visit a spa for what seems like that extra pampering and get a European facial.

Now, Im not here to talk you out of such a wonderful experience….I just want you to be informed of what could potentially go wrong and how to avoid having a negative experience. There are some very horrible worse-case scenarios posted online about skin reactions, acne, etc and Im not going to cover that here since I dont have first-hand knowledge of that.

What I want you to be knowledgeable about is YOU and YOUR skin when speaking to your esthetician prior to your facial so that you won’t have a negative experience.

You should know your skin type – i.e. oily, dry, combination. You should inform your esthetician what type of products you currently use or that you have had issues with prior to finding what works for you.

Most European facials include a chemical exfoliant that follows the initial cleansing. If you have exfoliated in the 3 days prior to your facial, you may want to inform your esthetician. I personally cannot exfoliate the entire week prior to using a chemical exfoliant because otherwise my face will be beet red for days following the treatment.

If you have breathing problems in humidity, please inform your esthetician. They can modify your facial to use a warm towel or just not place the steam that close to your face.

If you have ANY known allergies, let your esthetician know during your consultation. I have both food and environmental allergies and many products used during your facial may contain these products. Prior to my first facial, I had no idea that products containing cucumber could trigger a ragweed reaction.

Do not hesitate to contact your esthetician or even a physician if you have a reaction to products that were used. The earlier you treat, the quicker you will ‘recover’.

September Empties

I just realized that this post never got published, so my apologies. I’ll chalk this up to user error since I have others just sitting in my drafts folder. I’ll be pushing those out until I get up to date.

I haven’t used a lot of products up this past month.

1) I’ve just recently started tracking my sugar scrub usage. I think I go thru one a month. This month I finished up the Shea Sugar Scrub in Original Shea. I alternate between two different scents.

2) I received the Kleem Vitamin C serum for purpose of a review. I did enjoy using it, but for the price, I can get a higher end serum. I used this as a morning serum and it lasted about 6 months.

3) I received the Ulta brow tint in one of those large Ulta sets and I had forgotten about it. I might have used it once but it’s old and I don’t feel comfortable using it so I’m decluttering it.

4) I love the Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream perfume. I got this sample with an online order. I already have a roller ball of it.

5) The Clinique turnaround daytime moisturizer is not something I would purchase. I received this in a Clinique set.

6) My Sephora play box a few months ago contained the GlamGlow Volcasmic moisturizer pictured here. I did recently receive another in a recent box. I could not use this during day because I’m oily, but it felt nice on the skin at night.

7) My first beauty blender experience was this tiny one I received in my Sephora play box. I’m not a fan of it because it’s too hard to hold. I used it a couple of times but I just don’t like it.

8) My last Sephora eyebrow pencil.  I do like this pencil but they really need to have a spooly on the other end instead of this comb. I have a few Anastasia pencils to go thru so I won’t be repurchasing another for awhile.

9) As usual, I have a couple 120 ml bottles of Deadline Limeade and Abetting and 100 ml bottle of Maddscope juice. These are my two favorite juices for vaping.

10) Lastly, I have 3 packs of Claritin Ready-tabs. My allergies have been especially bad this year.  Hopefully the weather cools so I can stop needing the take them.


Did you finish anything this month?