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Elf Haul

I buy Target Beauty Boxes and included in those boxes is a coupon for $3 off a $15 beauty related purchase. This month I decided to have a mini Elf haul and repurchase some of my favorite items, as well as try out a couple new things. Elf has always been one of those brands you can experiment with. Their most well-known items are under $3 and I tend to stick with the cult favorites.

I really like picking up the eyeliner brushes whenever I can. I picked up 4 this time around. Ive been hearing good things about their blending brushes, so I picked up the two I saw.

The Elf eyeliner is one of my favorites as is the Elf brow pomade and shadow duo. The white eyebrow stick is something I haven’t tried before.

The makeup remover pen is one of my holy grail products. These things are mini miracle workers. Just make sure to keep the tip clean to lengthen the longevity. I also love the acne fighting gel. This is another mini miracle. It almost works over-night to get rid of blemishes. The Elf eye refresh is something I really enjoy using to give my eye area a little pep start.

Let me know what your favorite Elf products are!



One thought on “Elf Haul

  1. I love the black liquid eyeliner and the HD powder. Haven’t brought any of their brushes since the rebrand though, that blending brush looks so good, might have to get ordering


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