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BareMinerals ‘Haul’

I will begin this post by just admitting flat out that my favorite makeup brand is BareMinerals. I don’t think that Ive ever used a product from them that I didn’t like. So, last week when I saw they had free shipping, I jumped at the chance to get a new kit.


I have had my eyes on this kit for about a month. It comes with Prime Time foundation primer, mineral veil finishing powder, a face brush, and a concealer brush already included. You get your choice of what type of foundation product, an additional face brush, a concealer or brightener, and a complexion product.

As you can see by the photo below, I chose the BarePro foundation, a blush, an eye primer (brightener), and I chose another face brush (it telescopes!)


I am so close to finishing up my CoverGirl powder foundation so I definitely needed something to replace it. Considering BarePro foundation is about $30, this kit was a complete deal ($89) especially factoring in the price of their face brushes.

Let me know what you think about BareMinerals!


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